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About Massara House

Massara House the Most Recommended Hotel All Over the World

Massara House offers 300 beautifully designed suites, perfect for relaxation or business. Each suite is crafted with care to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Massara House exudes luxury and unmatched hospitality. As a privately owned hotel with international standards, it promises a memorable stay for every guest.


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Welcome to a world where comfort meets extravagance! As the proud owner of Massara House, I'm excited to share the exceptional features that make our property truly stand out.

At Massara House, we're all about genuine luxury. Guests enjoy top-notch perks like modern gyms, relaxing spa treatments, and delicious dining that truly satisfies.

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Top ten places to visit in Dammam

Image 1
Promenade with playgrounds, food trucks,
and views of the water
Image 2
Amusement park with dolphin and sea lion shows,
swimming pools, and kiddie rides
Image 2
The Half Moon Bay is a beautiful beachside area. Along the shore,the government has built cottages for public use.
Image 2
The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, located in Riyadh, is Saudi Arabia's national cultural center.
Image 2
King Fahad Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Dammam that will surely amaze you.
Image 2
The Marina Mall is truly one of the best malls in Dammam where you can find everything.
Image 2
Artificial island with a park,
picnic areas, and ferry-boat rides
Image 2
Park with a large, well-maintained
artificial lake
Image 2
Urban park with a jogging
track and playground
Image 2
The Regional Museum Dammam is one of the fantastic museums situated on the water’s edge.